Department of State Development
  • How to use the State Brand

We want all South Australian businesses to proudly use the South Australian brandmark.


We’re not asking you to change your brand’s identity when using the State Brand, but to embrace its power to bring greater economic activity – and prosperity – to our state. The more businesses that use the State Brand, the faster we’ll draw recognition to South Australia and its businesses.

The State Brand can be used across a range of materials and merchandise to support your business operations including:

  • as a graphic across printed materials
  • as a simple endorser of your brand in digital advertising
  • in print advertising - simply add your logo and you’re promoting yourself as a South Australian company
  • as an application to your merchandise or you can purchase a range of State Brand merchandise
  • on tradeshow stands - if you’re keen to make a real impact at your next trade show, the State Brand can help you to stand out in the crowd
  • on signage - getting your logo or the State Brand logo to work on signage is often tricky in long horizontal formats. We have examples that demonstrate how you can do this in our brand guidelines (PDF)
  • on doorway sculptures - using the doorway as a sculpture in public areas is an excellent way to promote your business and our state. Whether you use one doorway or several, we encourage the use of 3D applications.


Examples of how businesses have used the State Brand


State Brand usage by NOVA 919
State Brand usage by Barossa Fine Foods
State Brand usage by Rokset
State Brand usage by Zainah Salt
State Brand usage by Spring Gully
State Brand usage by RubAndGrub
State Brand usage by Justin Case
State Brand usage by Kangaroo Island
State Brand usage by SASDS



Register to use the State Brand

Register to use the State Brand

Register to use the State Brand and once you are approved, you will receive an email link to access the State Brand logo asset pack and I Choose SA artwork.

The asset pack includes:

  • State Brand logo: Full colour, black, and white versions
  • File types included: JPG, PNG and EPS