Department of State Development

26 Nov 2019 International education

Record numbers of international students boosting jobs in South Australia

For the first time, the number of international students enrolled in South Australian institutions has exceeded 40,000 and is expected to create more than 1300 additional local jobs.

The number of international student enrolments in South Australian institutions has grown 15.4 per cent compared to the 10.6 per cent national growth rate.

In the first nine months of 2019, South Australia attracted a record number of international students already reaching 40,979 enrolments in the year to September.

This is 5,400 more enrolments across all markets compared to the corresponding period last year and this growth is expected to create an additional 1,350 jobs for South Australians.

International education plays a critical role in South Australia’s economy, it’s our largest services export and second largest general export following wine, but further to that, it attracts new students, new industries and new investors to our state.