Department of State Development

05 Feb 2020 Health and medical industries

Major project status - LeafCann

Adelaide is set to become a medical cannabis powerhouse, with a processing facility in the southern suburbs granted Major Project Status from the Federal Government.

The southern suburbs LeafCann facility is anticipated to begin manufacturing in the first three months of 2021, with full operation projected for mid-2022. 

LeafCann’s operation is expected to generate more than 1400 jobs, in addition to 850 during development, which will provide a major boost to the South Australian economy. This will include jobs in cultivating the cannabis crops, as well as in manufacturing, research and design.

Medicinal Cannabis is an emerging sector and has potential for future growth across international markets. This project complements the Government’s economic vision of growing the state by 3 per cent through increased trade and investment. 

For more information see Office of the Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis