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04 Mar 2020 Food wine and agribusiness

A group of 12 Clare Valley wine companies are participating in what is being called the world’s largest ever wine provenance blockchain trial.

Winemaker Jeff Grosset and grape grower David Travers are the brains behind the VinoTrust trial.

Having won $50,000 in the Premier’s Blockchain Challenge last year, the pair have since built a proprietary technology suite combining blockchain, IoT, cloud, mobile, automation and geolocation on a platform to fully integrate immutable winery information management in real time.

The concept has expanded from its initial focus on anti-fraud through proving provenance, authenticity and integrity - to a broader technological approach to how wine companies can better manage their data.

The trial has enabled real time tracking of grapes leaving the vineyard, real time weighbridge data and automated yield averaging and live comparisons of yields in various Clare Valley sub regions.

The Clare Valley wine companies actively involved in measuring and collecting real time harvest and winery data include Kilikanoon, Casella, Taylors, Pikes, Grosset, Mount Horrocks, Jim Barry Wines, Bourke & Travers, Kirrihill, Paulett’s, Tim Adams and Vanguardist.