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International Education in our state

South Australia’s International Education sector plays a critical role in our economy and continues to attract new students, new industries and new investors to our state.

South Australia’s $1.8 billion international education sector is still growing, providing opportunities for cultural exchange, integration and diversification.

International students in South Australia help drive new investment in construction and services and are boosting our retail, hospitality and tourism sectors.

South Australia’s high quality of education, world-class institutions and great lifestyle offer an environment where international students can excel during their time of study and flourish following their graduation.

South Australian businesses will be important beneficiaries of the state’s success in assisting the best and brightest international students to stay in South Australia.

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Assistance through funding


The South Australian Government has a framework for providing assistance to industry through funds including:



Here in South Australia we’re proud to have fostered a strong relationship between government, industry and academia. Over time, these key relationships have cultivated a highly-skilled workforce, developed cutting-edge research, and delivered labour costs which are around 10 per cent below the Australian average. This competitive environment supports highly profitable investments and makes South Australia a place where your business can truly innovate and grow.


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