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Creative Industries in our state

South Australia’s culture of creativity and innovation is helping to inspire new enterprises and attract leading companies to South Australia.

South Australia has internationally acclaimed visual effects capability and is home to some of the world’s best production houses including Mr. X and Rising Sun Pictures.

There is also a growing independent games industry with Odd Games, Mighty Kingdom, Team Cherry and Team Fractal Alligator all having an international impact in mobile and PC gaming.

Our capital city, Adelaide, has a growing augmented, virtual and mixed reality ecosystem, including the development of augmented reality applications by global defence company SAAB Australia, Microsoft’s first Australian enterprise partner for its HoloLens augmented/mixed reality technology.


How we can support you

Assistance through funding


The South Australian Government has a framework for providing assistance to industry through funds including:



Here in South Australia we’re proud to have fostered a strong relationship between government, industry and academia. Over time, these key relationships have cultivated a highly-skilled workforce, developed cutting-edge research, and delivered labour costs which are around 10 per cent below the Australian average. This competitive environment supports highly profitable investments and makes South Australia a place where your business can truly innovate and grow.


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