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  • International Education 2030
    International Education 2030 sets an ambitious target of achieving a $3 billion industry and employing 23,500 South Australians by the year 2030 in education-related jobs and those within the wider economy. Chinese version 南澳国际教育2030
  • International Education 2030 – International Student Hub Consultation Paper
    Following the election commitment, to investigate a new international student hub in the CBD, the establishment of an international student hub has been discussed across a number of forums including the Ministerial Advisory Committee for International Education (MACIE). The MACIE has recommended that following the completion of extensive research, DTI consult with the international education sector, South Australian industry and valued stakeholders to seek information and feedback. This International Student Hub Consultation Paper has been developed to inform the consultation.
  • International Education publications and fact sheets
    The complete suite of International Education brochures and fact sheets covering South Australia’s research, education and vocational training systems.



South Australia: The Door to Learning 
South Australia’s world-leading education institutions are staffed by high-quality educators and are internationally recognised for providing flexible education across a range of study areas. Our first-rate facilities and expertise are at the international forefront of education. 

South Australia: The Door to Research 
South Australia’s research centres house world-class researchers, and our modern infrastructure positions us to take full advantage of real world problems and apply the latest research, innovation and emerging technologies to create solutions. 

Adelaide Engage - Work Experience Network 
Adelaide Engage – Work Experience Network (AEWEN) is an international student focused program, bringing student teams and employers together.  



  • AEWEN Project Team 1 Report
    The Adelaide Engage Work Experience Network (AEWEN) Team 1 report examines models of national and international student hubs designed to provide services to international students whilst they are studying for a degree or diploma.
  • AEWEN Project Team 2 Report
    The Adelaide Engage Work Experience Network (AEWEN) Team 2 report uses the experience of the international student cohort to develop a peer survey to gauge the need for an International Student Hub in the Adelaide CBD.
  • Employment services for international students
    This report analyses the range of employment services available to international students across South Australia.
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation in South Australia
    This report outlines the various elements of South Australia’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem including formal education, industry education, co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators, advisory services, networking opportunities, start-up events and investors.
  • Skilled visa pathways for international graduates
    A brief summary of the various Skilled visa pathways for international graduates of South Australia.
  • Education technology in Australia
    This report provides an introduction to Education technology (EdTech), its applications and market potential in Australia.
  • Dealing with workplace exploitation of international students
    This paper discusses the various mechanisms available to international students in South Australia who believe they have been subject to workplace exploitation.